cornell's original
musical theatre troupe

Spring auditions


If you're a singer, actor, dancer or musician...
Audition for Anything Goes Musical Theatre Troupe!

All singers, dancers, and/or instrumentalists are strongly encouraged to audition regardless of experience level!

Audition Info:

February 4th, 5th and 6th

5:00 PM - 8:00 PM (5:30 - 8 on the 6th)

RPCC Room 220

Prepare an audition cut length solo to be sung a capella (preferably from a musical) to showcase your range and talent
You will be asked to sing a few scales and complete pitch-matching exercises

Please bring your instrument and prepare a short solo to play
You will be asked to perform a short sight reading exercise
(If you are unable to bring your instrument, please contact us prior to your audition)

Please message the Facebook page or email if you any questions or concerns regarding auditions.

Thanks for coming to our Fall 2019 Show: Miscast!

If you missed us... come keep an eye out for our Spring show!


What: A night of laughter, tears and miscast musical numbers!

When: December 7th @ 2pm and 8pm

Where: Cornell Cinema


The performers worked very hard to present a great show! Thanks for coming out and supporting us! This group would be just a bunch of loud kids geeking out about musical theatre without an audience!